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There are many affordable programs available for first-time homebuyers within our field of membership ask us for details! RGR Mortgage will help ensure that you get the loan that’s right for you.

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It’s easy to get a great mortgage at a great rate with low fees. Our fees are less, our service is local, and our goal is to make you happy in your new home.


Frequently Asked Questions

CSEZone’s Buyer Guide

There is no charge to access your accounts, perform inquiries, transfer funds, etc. Our optional BillPay service is free for consumers but business members will be charged a fee of $6.00 per month. Please refer to our pricing schedule for any other charges that may apply to your account.

On RGR Mortgage page you will see a Signup form  Simply complete the registration form and follow the online prompts to get started. 

In addition to Internet access and a valid email address, the minimum computer hardware and software requirements to participate.

The information you see is the same information in the computer system at the time of your request. For example, if you transferred money from a Share to Share Draft, the funds are immediately available. During times when the Credit Union is closed, some transaction details will not be immediately available. Those details will be updated at the start of the next business day.

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